Derjers Releases Revolutionary Formula to Cleanse Scalp Without Shampooing

Harper Woods, MI – June 5, 2010 – REJUVE3, the coveted dermatologist-recommended hair care line under the Derjers International umbrella has announced today the launch of itsScalp Protecting Mist, designed to cleanse the scalp without the need to shampoo daily.

Men and women alike will benefit from this leave-in, non-irritating spray as it has been clinically proven to remove dirt, oil and odor between hair washes. Conveniently, it absorbs quickly to disinfect the scalp, while working effectively to nourish and protect it from harsh elemental factors.  With just a few sprays a day, dirty limp hair can be freshened and odor-free, thereby prolonging hairstyles and eliminating dry scalp issues caused by excess washing.

“Washing your hair every day disrupts the natural oil balance in the hair and actually makes it oilier. We are thrilled to release the dermatologist preferred alternative to washing your hair daily” explains Axel Poessy, CEO of Derjers International. “All hair types will benefit from this solution as it allows individuals to find the perfect balance between over-washing (which causes dry hair or scalp) and not washing often enough (which produces unpleasant side effects).”

As dermatologists recommend that hair should be shampooed once or twice a week only, utilizing Rejuve3 Scalp Protecting Mist on “off-days” helps to rid of the daily accumulation of perspiration and bacteria, without stripping the hair of its natural oil as harsh shampoos do. This allows the scalp to restore its pH balance, optimizing the overall look of hair.

Enriched with Pro-vitamins and amino acids, this non-greasy scalp protector takes full advantage of natural plant extracts known for their inherent therapeutic benefits to simultaneously cleanse the scalp while strengthening hair strands for maximum beauty. For nearly a half century, the Rejuve3 formula has long been trusted by top hair care clinics and it is now being made available to the public.

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