HAIR CARE PRODUCTS: Natural, protein-rich hair cleansing system to nourish your hair and scalp

Derjers International hair care formulas have long been trusted by dermatologists for decades as it use of natural ingredients have proven to moisturize the scalp while cleansing the hair and scalp. Without the use of harsh ingredients and lathering agents that dry out the scalp, our gentle formulas effectively remove debris, bacteria and debris that clog pores and eventually cause hair loss. Rejuve3 is a protein-rich system that has proven to eliminate dry itchy scalp and other discomforting scalp conditions since it restores the scalp pH balance and restores healthy-look to the hair.

Rejuve3 Hair Care ‘Money Saver’ on FOX 2 Detroit

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - Derjers International is proud to announce the upcoming television feature of its proven Rejuve3 Hair and Scalp Cleansing System on the FOX 2 "Today’s Money Saver", a special feature dedicated to providing great deals from Michigan businesses. The Money Saver will highlight a Derjers International exclusive limited-time offer both on-air and on the FOX 2 website The Derjers International offer will be available online for one-day-only, allowing web site visitors to print the money-saving coupon or use the coupon code to order online before the expiration date.

The Rejuve3 Money Saver feature is scheduled to air Wednesday, December 2, 2009 on local WJBK-FOX 2 Detroit.

“As a Michigan manufacturer, we’re thrilled to provide our State with an alternative to regular shampooing that doesn’t strip away natural oils like the harsh agents of most regular shampoos do” says Axel Cooley CEO of Derjers International. “Our 3 step system is designed to eliminate bacteria and debris while nourishing the scalp to restore its health, thereby eliminating bothersome scalp conditions and maximizing the hair's natural shine, regardless of hair type.”

As the finest chemical-free treatment available, hair clinics have reckoned Rejuve3 as the #1 dermatologist-recommended cleansing solution for even the most irritated scalp, or damaged-hair situation. It consists of a protein-rich Renewing Scalp Cleanser, Repairing Shampoo and Revitalizing Conditioner that deliver nutrients to the scalp, creating the optimal environment for hair growth.

“This holiday season, we have created a special offer for local residents to enjoy. We receive, confess and declare great prosperity, health and joy manifested in the State of Michigan!”, Cooley continued. The timing for the Money Saver deal couldn’t be better with the Holiday shopping right around the corner. Shoppers are encouraged to tune in to FOX 2 Detroit or its website on Wednesday, December 2nd, 2009 to get all the details and savings.

Derjers International is a pioneering manufacturer of specialized hair and scalp care formulas long trusted by dermatologists and trichologists for decades. Headquartered in Michigan, we are pleased to provide proven all-natural solutions that maximize the hair’s beauty, combating scalp conditions including dry itchy scalp, dandruff, acne, eczema, psoriasis and more.

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