Detroit's Own Hair Nutritionists and Black Shopping Channel Make History

DETROIT, MICHIGAN - August 25, 2009 - Detroit-based manufacturer of hair and scalp products, Derjers International, proudly announces its unique distribution agreement with the Black Shopping Channel (BSC). As BSC prepares to launch its national television network, Derjers has made its #1 Dermatologist recommended solution, Rejuve3, available for BSC viewers worldwide. Excited by this enticing opportunity, Derjers will expand their reach to enlighten, enrich and assist more minority communities across the globe with its revolutionary solution to healthy hair!

Rejuve3 is a clinically proven protein-rich system which enables men and women of all hair types to obtain the luxurious, shiny hair they deserve. This three-step solution rejuvenates hair unlike any other treatment on the market by working at the cellular level, unclogging pores and stimulating blood circulation to the scalp to promote healthy hair growth, while delivering nutrients and moisture to each hair follicle. This special formula has been around for over 40 years and is now readily available to the public for a fraction of the cost of a hair clinic visit.

"We feel honored to bridge the gap between hair clinics and beauty salons," remarked CEO of Derjers International Axel Poessy. "We're equally thrilled to educate the public about the secret to proper hair care, while providing them with legendary treatments known to restore optimal hair growth environments. Wait ‘til you try it!"

Strategically positioned in the hair capital of the world, Derjers is incorporating both online and offline outlets for the sale of its prestigious brand. By embracing new ethnic platforms like BSC, clients can now order Rejuve3 directly from their television set, or online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through its webstore inside of BSC's virtual mall located at:

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About Derjers International
Derjers is a pioneer in formulating innovative products with therapeutic solutions that cater to even the most acute hair and scalp conditions. Our goals focus around creating an optimal hair growth environment to ensure vigorously healthy looking hair, while promoting the power of truth and value of knowledge.
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Is HAIR LOSS stunting your personal growth? Are you shackled by lack of guidance and want valuable insights for your hair’s betterment? NO WORRIES!

At Derjers International, we have the solution to your battered, stressed, broken or foiled locks. We believe knowledge is power and are committed to educating, enlightening and empowering you with distinct truths that will set you and your hair free. In other words, we provide real solutions that solve common scalp issues effectively and easily. In fact, over 90% of hair loss conditions are curable or preventable. However, in order to legitimately understand hair loss, we must look at the components of hair growth first!

Hair growth starts before we are even born! The very first hairs our bodies grow are called Lanugo (Latin for fine wool). Lanugo begins to grow approximately 3-6 months after conception and is usually shed before, or soon after birth to be replaced with the much coarser hair we all know and love, or know and love to hate. Furthermore, our scalp hair will start growing in the womb and its length will surpass lanugo hair at about 28 weeks.

At the base of each individual hair on your head is a follicle. A follicle is a pouch-like structure below the skin where hair growth is initiated. This initiation occurs when keratinized tissue hardens and begins to sprout above the follicles on your head. So really, your hair is only hardened tissue that manifests from the follicles on your head into whatever color or texture that you’ve been blessed with. The length your hair will grow also depends on your genetics. Fortunately for you, genetics is not a factor in having healthy hair! In truth, different hormones affect the follicle allowing growth or ceasing it. If your hair has stopped growing, it's possibly because of the hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT). As a product of testosterone, DHT acts on the hair follicle causing growth to slow and ultimately stop. Please note: DHT only works on certain hair follicles that have the genetic predisposition to be shut off.

Each individual hair forms into a hair bulb deep inside a hair follicle. The follicle is a tiny, but powerful little factory. Each follicle will continue to work throughout most people's lives. From birth to decades beyond your hair follicles will continue to produce hair and each strand of hair will grow for many years. DON'T WORRY! Shampoo, conditioner, hair cuts, blow dryers, sun and wind, coloring, bleach, or perms will NOT affect the growth of your hair in the hair bulb, though, some MAY damage your hair's shaft. After the hair spontaneously falls out of a follicle, the same follicle will start to produce a new hair. This is known as the hair cycle.

Knowing your hair's cycle may help to understand issues you are having with your own hair. Between starting to grow and falling out years later, each hair passes through three distinct phases: The anagen phase (the growing phase), the catagen phase (the intermediate phase), and the telogen phase (the shedding phase).

The Hair Growth Cycle

The anagen phase or "the growing phase" is when all new hair growth occurs. During this phase, 90% of the hairs on your head will be growing at their normal rate. This rate on average, is one-half inch per month for most people. Each specific strand of hair can be in the anagen phase for an average of three to five years, but in some cases, up to ten. Throughout this phase, pigment (melanin) is made in the hair follicle. In older people less pigment is created during this stage, hinting to why, white hair starts to appear even if the hair is still growing healthy and strong.

The catagen phase or "the transitional phase", signals the end of the growth phase for your hair. During this phase, the hair follicle contracts and detaches from its nutritional supply, the dermal papilla, forming into a rounded club. No pigment is made during this phase and the follicle stops producing hair. The follicle then moves upward toward the surface of the skin. Less than 1% of your hair will be in the catagen phase at any given time. This phase usually only lasts one or two weeks.

The telogen phase or "the shedding phase" is the final phase in your hair's growth cycle, lasting until the fully-grown hair is shed. It usually lasts for three or four months. During this time, new hair will begin to grow from the hair follicles and old hair will shed naturally or may be pulled out, painlessly and easily, while shampooing or brushing. At any given time, around one in ten of the follicles on your head are in the shedding phase. In other words, 10% of your hair remains in the telogen phase. Your new hair will emerge from the same opening as the old one, at the surface of the skin, to begin its three-step cycle again!

All three stages of this cycle repeat on an average of every four to five years. This means that if your hair averages a four year anagen phase, and you trim it one half inch every three months, you can expect your hair to grow four inches each year, or a total of sixteen inches before it reaches the catagen phase. Obviously with wavy or curly hair, your hair will appear a lot shorter than it actually is. However, head size, shape and height can also make your hair appear shorter in comparison to someone else's whose hair length measures identical to your own. Therefore, free yourself from comparisons and live without boundaries, you shall grow!


Derjers International is committed to utilizing our vast world of technology, innovation and information to perpetuate sustainable expertise based on years of research and science. By exploring every aspect of hair care, we strive to bring the very best to all of our customers worldwide! Our goals focus around creating an optimal hair growth environment to ensure vigorously healthy looking hair, while promoting the power of truth and the value of knowledge. Learn more at

We declare the best day for you and the manifestation of the gorgeous-looking hair you merit.

Learn The Hair Structure, Achieve Natural Luster

Knowing the structure of your hair is beneficial in properly maintaining each delicate strand on your head to maximize your hair’s natural beauty

By Jeff Keene
Derjers International |

An average human scalp contains close to 100-150 thousand hair fibers, which are composed of structural protein called keratin. Keratin is the most important element in the hair structure since keratin is protein, therefore the hair strands on our head are actually dead protein.

The hair on our scalp can be divided into two parts, the root and the shaft.


Hair roots are found underneath the skin's surface and are enclosed by a pouch-like structure called a follicle. At the base of the follicle lays the dermal papilla, a structure containing tiny receptors for male hormones and androgens extremely important to your hair's natural growth. These androgens regulate hair growth, possibly causing the hair follicle to get smaller, as the hairs will become coarse in people who are genetically predisposed to this type of hair loss.

The dermal papilla is fed by nourishment in the bloodstream at the base of the follicle, known as the hair bulb because of its bulb-like shape. The bulb is indented by capillaries and nerve fibers, so cells in the bulb will divide as new hair cells push the old cells up. Therefore, the cells that move upwards die slowly forming hardened dead shafts (the hair you physically feel and see).

This is where many are mislead when caring for their hair.

Although keeping your hair strands moisturized does maintain flexibility, prevent breakages and stop split-ends, it does not ensure your hair will continue to grow efficiently. Some people fail to understand or have never learned the hair on our head is already dead, so the real focal point should be in catering to your new-protein producing scalp. In doing this, you'll target where your hair originates to rectify the optimal environment for vigorous, healthy looking growth.

Now, to better understand the hair shaft's structure it's necessary to recognize all three layers of it and their individual roles in overall scalp health and hair growth.


The inner layer of the hair shaft is the Medulla, predominately found more in thicker hair. Don’t worry, This layer is not affected by hair care products or processes.

Next to the base of the hair shaft are sebaceous glands. These glands secrete an oily/waxy matter, called sebum, which lubricates the skin and hair to provide natural shine and luster.


The cortex is known as the middle layer of the hair strand. This is the layer that gives strength, texture and color to your hair.


The cuticle is the outer most layer of the shaft. This layer is thin, colorless and made up of tiny overlapping scales. The condition of these scales determines your hair's health for the day. The cuticle's role is to provide protection to the cortex and ensure your hair remains in its maximum condition.

All in all, the secret to healthy looking hair is in nutritionally nourishing your scalp.

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Derjers International is committed to utilizing our vast world of technology, innovation and information to perpetuate sustainable expertise based on years of research and science. By exploring every aspect of hair care, we strive to bring the very best to all of our customers worldwide! Our goals focus around creating an optimal hair growth environment to ensure vigorously healthy looking hair, while promoting the power of truth and the value of knowledge. Learn more at

Derjers' Clinically-Proven Scalp Treatment, Rejuve3, to Launch on Lifetime and Oxygen Networks

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 03, 2009 – Detroit, MI - Detroit-based hair & scalp care manufacturers Derjers International continues its unprecedented rise in the hair care industry by garnering the attention of mainstream media. A contract with the Home Shopping Group (HSG) has granted them a direct-response infomercial on two major television networks, Lifetime and Oxygen, for Derjers' #1 Dermatologist recommended hair and scalp solution, Rejuve3. This 60-second TV spot allows for the direct ordering of this three-step revolutionary formula from the comfort of your home!

As a company that embraces women in leadership, Derjers is thrilled to be included in programming that will reach millions of women nationwide. Along with catering to similar markets, both Lifetime and Oxygen share Derjers' vision in the education and empowerment of the modern woman through programming that targets women and features them in lead roles.

"We're honored to present women with the opportunity to be beautiful on the inside and out," said Derjers CEO Axel Poessy. "As a company without boundaries, Derjers believes in the unlimited wealth that knowledge brings. As such, we gladly utilize outlets like infomercials which enable us to share valuable “how-to” information to the masses to highlight our proven products."

While focusing on nourishing the scalp, this three-step legendary formula, Rejuve3, enhances moisture and exfoliates dead skin cells to act as an insulating layer that protects new hair growth. Derjers emphasizes the importance of proper hair and scalp care so all clients can easily achieve the hair of their dreams. The new Rejuve3 direct-response commercial is scheduled to air in Fall 2009.

Please check your local listings for confirmation of Lifetime and Oxygen channel specifics. Until then, no worries, Rejuve3 can be ordered online at

For additional information about Rejuve3 and Derjers International call 1-877-405-7964.

About Derjers International
Derjers International is a pioneer of innovative formulas for the proper treatment of damaged hair and scalp conditions, such as Seborrheic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Scalp Ringworm and Eczema. By taking a scientific approach to beauty, we formulate protein-rich systems of clinically-proven products that nurtures the "root" of the problem. Our goals focus around creating an optimal hair growth environment to ensure vigorously healthy looking hair, while promoting the power of truth and value of knowledge.

How to Soothe and Repair an Itchy and Flaky Scalp

The secret to beautiful, thick hair is your scalp.

Dermatologists have long known this fact. For the first time in history, Derjers International is making available the solutions that have long been trusted and utilized by dermatologists and trichologists for decades. Rejuve3 is the #1 dermatolist recommended solution that creates the optimal environment for beautiful hair by targeting the scalp. It utilizes wheat amino acids, soya sterols, Panthenol, and other moisturizing agents to nourish the hair, hydrate the scalp and make it more flexible to eliminate brittleness.

This fine chemical-free treatment is now available to you at a fraction of the cost of a hair care clinic visit. For more info, visit:

Clinically-proven Protein-Rich Scalp Treatment to Promote Hair Growth

Rejuvé3 uniquely softens & moisturizes hair unlike any other product for over 40 years. Today, it is the worlds finest because it works. Designed to keep hair healthy and safe from all heat applications, this effective 3-step system is proven to maintain your hairs natural structure and actually accomplishes what chemicals only promise to do. Trusted by top hair professionals for over 40 years, the natural ingredients of the renewing scalp cleanser, repairing shampoo and revitalizing conditioner are thermally activated, preventing your hair from reverting. Whether your hair has been twisted, permed, pressed, relaxed or braided, Rejuvé 3 will help maintain your hair style between shampoos.

How to Protect Hair from Hair Loss, Brittleness and Split-Ends

Hair is in fact dead protein cells that your body naturally sheds as new cells push up from the hair follicles underneath your skin. With Derjers International's clinically proven solution, Rejuve3, the scalp is kept in great condition to serve as an insulating layer that protects the delicate new protein growing below. It sets the optimal environment for growth. The thicker the layer of protein, the healthier the hair, as outer dead cells protect the living cells at the core. For more info visit:


Derjers hosted a 30-min TV special on "Proper Hair & Scalp Care" and its #1 dermatologist recommended formula, Rejuve3. Rejuve3 is a unique, highly-concentrated protein rich hair ad scalp rejuvenator that instantly quenches a nutrient-thirsty scalp. Sets optimal scalp environment for stronger, thicker hair growth.

How to Stop Thinning Hair

Rejuve3 rejuvenates your hair unlike other treatments you may have tried, Here's why...

The effective formula works at the cellular level, unclogging pores, and stimulating blood circulation to your scalp which promotes healthy hair growth, while delivering nutrients and moisture to each hair follicle. In just 3 easy steps, you can achieve incredible results! Within days, your hair will be shiny, thicker and nourished. You've simply got to try it! There's nothing to lose and everything to gain: your luxurious, healthy hair awaits.

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