Derjers' Clinically-Proven Scalp Treatment, Rejuve3, to Launch on Lifetime and Oxygen Networks

PRLog (Press Release) – Sep 03, 2009 – Detroit, MI - Detroit-based hair & scalp care manufacturers Derjers International continues its unprecedented rise in the hair care industry by garnering the attention of mainstream media. A contract with the Home Shopping Group (HSG) has granted them a direct-response infomercial on two major television networks, Lifetime and Oxygen, for Derjers' #1 Dermatologist recommended hair and scalp solution, Rejuve3. This 60-second TV spot allows for the direct ordering of this three-step revolutionary formula from the comfort of your home!

As a company that embraces women in leadership, Derjers is thrilled to be included in programming that will reach millions of women nationwide. Along with catering to similar markets, both Lifetime and Oxygen share Derjers' vision in the education and empowerment of the modern woman through programming that targets women and features them in lead roles.

"We're honored to present women with the opportunity to be beautiful on the inside and out," said Derjers CEO Axel Poessy. "As a company without boundaries, Derjers believes in the unlimited wealth that knowledge brings. As such, we gladly utilize outlets like infomercials which enable us to share valuable “how-to” information to the masses to highlight our proven products."

While focusing on nourishing the scalp, this three-step legendary formula, Rejuve3, enhances moisture and exfoliates dead skin cells to act as an insulating layer that protects new hair growth. Derjers emphasizes the importance of proper hair and scalp care so all clients can easily achieve the hair of their dreams. The new Rejuve3 direct-response commercial is scheduled to air in Fall 2009.

Please check your local listings for confirmation of Lifetime and Oxygen channel specifics. Until then, no worries, Rejuve3 can be ordered online at

For additional information about Rejuve3 and Derjers International call 1-877-405-7964.

About Derjers International
Derjers International is a pioneer of innovative formulas for the proper treatment of damaged hair and scalp conditions, such as Seborrheic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Scalp Ringworm and Eczema. By taking a scientific approach to beauty, we formulate protein-rich systems of clinically-proven products that nurtures the "root" of the problem. Our goals focus around creating an optimal hair growth environment to ensure vigorously healthy looking hair, while promoting the power of truth and value of knowledge.