Facts of Castor Oil and its Benefits for Your Hair

Did you know...

The germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal properties of Ricin/Ricinoleic acid in Castor oil protect the scalp and hair from microbial and fungal infections, which are known as one of the two prime causes for hair loss. To put it simple, Castor oil naturally cleans the scalp of any impurities that would inhibit maximum growth.

The fatty acids in Castor oil actually nourish the hair and prevent the scalp from drying by retaining moisture. In fact, this natural oil is a humectant and acts the same way as glycerin and honey. For those were now aware, humectants have the ability to draw moisture from the air.

Those using hair products that utilize castor oil, like the renowned Rejuve3 3-step Hair and Scalp Cleansing System experience great results, reporting that by the 2nd to 3rd week, they have seen great results such as “My discomforting dry scalp itch is gone!” and “I have new growth all over my head in places like never before...“

These are just a few reasons why Rejuve3 utilizes castor oil in its 3-step system, long trusted by dermatologists.

For other ingredients used in Rejuve3 visit: http://www.derjers.com/derjers_ingredients_dictionary_A.html.